Window Tint Services in Bloomington, Indiana

Automotive Window Tint Prices

Our Most Popular Tint Combos. Safety, Privacy, Heat Rejection, & Interior Protection. Improve the appearance & value of your behicle with window tint.In the table below, you will find the pricing for standard lifetime warranty auto tinting. Ceramic Films are available and are quoted per vehicle.

Four or Two Door Car $225
Small SUV or Wagon $225
Large SUV $275
Pickup, Single Cab $150
Pickup, Extended or 4 Door $200
Front Doors Only $80
Full Size Vans Call for Quote, window combinations vary too widely for a set price.

Automotive Tint Removal

$50 extra with full tint replacement. -- call for quote on removal only.

Single window removal or re-tint -- call for quote.

What is your Warranty?

Automotive window tint is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.  If the film fails for any reason other than damage, I'll replace it at no charge.  No waiting on a claim to the film manufacturer, no BS, I'll fix it.

Commercial & Residential Window Tint

Halcyon Shades Logo
Halcyon Shades are custom fitted to your home or business, and they are handmade in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bloomington Window Tint is pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for Halcyon Shades! Halcyon Shades are an ideal sun control solution for home and commercial buildings. Keep the light, lose the glare and heat. The shades give you all the benefits of window tinting, and the convenience of a shade that you control.

If energy savings and efficiency are elements you want to integrate into your home, office, or building, look no further than the window solutions from Halcyon Shades — we are your supplier for state-of-the-art window shades and commercial blinds.

For a quote on commercial or residential window tint, please contact Andrew directly by text or by phone at 812-325-5050 or by filling out the contact form.