No More Blistering Hot Seats & Steering Wheels with LLumar CTX Ceramic Window Film

LLumar CTX Ceramic window film will lower your car’s interior surface temperatures by up to 30 degrees. No more blistering hot seats and steering wheels.

This customer is back with a Ford Raptor to have ceramic window film installed on the front doors and windshield. Yes, there is window film on it.

The lightest ceramic film lets less heat through than the darkest standard film. They also had LLumar Platinum Paint Protection film installed on the hood, grille, headlights, fenders, and mirrors.

Three Tesla Model 3s in Three Weeks fitted with LLumar CTX Ceramic Window Film for Cooler Interiors

Three Tesla 3s in three weeks. All 3 were fitted with LLumar CTX ceramic window film to keep the interiors cooler, thus helping to increase battery range.

Two were also fitted with LLumar Platinum Paint Protection film to keep the road boogers from damaging the paint. What great cars!

Full Wrap of LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film and LLumar CTX Ceramic Window Film For a Beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

This project was a lot of fun. A beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio received a full wrap of LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film and LLumar CTX Ceramic window film from Bloomington Window Tint.

Aside from the film keeping the nasties away from your paint, it really makes the color pop with a new depth.

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Dual Reflective Ceramic & Standard Silver Film for Cardinal Spirits

Cardinal Spirits has a great deck and inside space, but the sun was taking it’s toll on the comfort level for the people seated inside and staff working near the south entrance.

Bloomington Window Tint solved the glaring sun problems with a combination of dual reflective ceramic and standard silver film for a balance of comfort for both inside and outside patrons.

Stop by Cardinal Spirits and enjoy their beautiful patio space, local spirits, and great food right on the B-Line Trail in Bloomington, Indiana.

Halcyon Shades Help With Keeping Your Furnishings From Fading Away!

Are your furnishings fading away? These folks discovered the morning sun was fading out their wood surfaces after only a couple years.

The cabinet in the first pic had a circular tray on top of it. One day they moved it and discovered quite a surprise.

Bloomington Window Tint solved this problem with UV eliminating film on the east and south facing windows. Then, to solve the glare problem they had in the morning, a 12 ft. wide Halcyon Shades on the upper bank of windows. Had to bring in scaffolding for this one!

Dual Reflective Window Film & Halcyon Shades at John Bethell Title Company’s New Headquarters

I’d like to give a very large thank you to John Bethell Title Company, Inc. for choosing Bloomington Window Tint and our products as a component of their beautiful new headquarters.

Bloomington Window Tint installed a mix of dual reflective window film and Halcyon Shades will keep their staff and customers comfortable all year-round, and their new furnishings looking good with ultra-violet elimination.

A Window Tint Time Capsule Came By Today! Now, Many More Years of Cool Driving With Global QDP Charcoal

A window tint time capsule came to the shop today. This 1993 Mazda RX-7 had probably been wearing it’s original tint since that time.

Check out that rear glass, 5 pieces of film! This is how we did them in the late 80’s, but by 1993 most of us in the tint business had mastered one piece rear window. Dig that phone antenna.

It has now been refreshed with Global QDP Charcoal for many more years of cool driving. Many thanks to Jericho Motorsport for the referral.

Wininger Construction Works with Bloomington Window Tint to Install Halcyon Solar Control Shades

We can be shady here at Bloomington Window Tint 🙂

Halcyon solar control shades are the perfect solution for windows that you love to look out, but need sun control on. These shades provide up to 83% solar energy rejection. And for those days you want the sun to warm you up, roll them up!