Three Tesla Model 3s in Three Weeks fitted with LLumar CTX Ceramic Window Film for Cooler Interiors

Three Tesla 3s in three weeks. All 3 were fitted with LLumar CTX ceramic window film to keep the interiors cooler, thus helping to increase battery range.

Two were also fitted with LLumar Platinum Paint Protection film to keep the road boogers from damaging the paint. What great cars!

Full Wrap of LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film and LLumar CTX Ceramic Window Film For a Beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

This project was a lot of fun. A beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio received a full wrap of LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film and LLumar CTX Ceramic window film from Bloomington Window Tint.

Aside from the film keeping the nasties away from your paint, it really makes the color pop with a new depth.

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Stop Automotive Paint Chips & Scratches With Premium Shield Elite Surface Protection Film

The first snow of the season has brought lots of sand, salt, and grit to the roads that will be impacting the paint of your vehicle.

Premium Shield Elite surface protection film stops the chips and scratches to keep your ride looking good for years to come. Computer cut to fit exactly and lifetime warranty.

Paint Protection Film Installed for 2018 Charger SRT 392

The film is precision computer cut on-site for precise fitment and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Thanks to my customer Paul Tan for taking some great photos of his ’18 Charger SRT 392 after I installed Premium Shield Elite surface protection film. Covered areas are the full hood with wrapped edges, full front bumper, headlights, door handle pockets, door edge guards, lower fenders, and panels on the rear bumper behind the wheels.