Halcyon Shades Help With Keeping Your Furnishings From Fading Away!

Are your furnishings fading away? These folks discovered the morning sun was fading out their wood surfaces after only a couple years.

The cabinet in the first pic had a circular tray on top of it. One day they moved it and discovered quite a surprise.

Bloomington Window Tint solved this problem with UV eliminating film on the east and south facing windows. Then, to solve the glare problem they had in the morning, a 12 ft. wide Halcyon Shades on the upper bank of windows. Had to bring in scaffolding for this one!

How Dark Are Your Car Windows When The Vehicle Left The Factory?

If your vehicle has the privacy glass option like many SUV’s and pickups, those windows will be around 20-25%.

There are slight variances from brand to brand, but on the whole most new vehicles leave the factory with around 75% light transmission.

So remember, when you add film to your car, the film darkness combined with the tint already in the glass is the final number of visible light transmission (VLT).

This front door on a Kia Soul is an example. The film was a 38% ceramic. The owner wanted to keep the front doors within the law for Indiana, which is 30% VLT. The rear windows are bone stock, and meter at 25%. Now they are only 7% darker than the fronts, and the whole vehicle is completely legal.